Sunday, January 02, 2005


Party Poker Step Tournaments

I read in Cardplayer magazine about a new 2 table 20 player $1000 buy-in tournament that filled up in less than 7 minutes, much to the surprise of the author of the article there. He apparently didn't realize that this was part of Party Poker's new step tournaments, which have satelliters leading into other satellites that eventually lead into the $1000 buy-in tournament.

There are 5 steps in these new tournaments. If you have deep pockets, you can buy in directly at the $1000 level, and if you beat the other 19 players, you win $9000. Or you can step down from that a notch and buy in at $500, beat 19 players, and play in the $1000 buy in tournament as your prize. Those are steps 4 & 5.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 have the following buy-in's: $11, $50, and $200 respectively. You can buy in at any level, so you can start at the beginning and try to parlay your $11 into $9000, or you can start somewhere in the middle. If you're not already playing at Party Poker, please be sure to use the bonus codes CHIPSBLOG or CHIPSBLOG100 when you sign up, and support Chip's Poker Blog.

Here's an outline of the steps:
  1. $11 + $1
  2. $50 + $5 or win step 1.
  3. $200 + $15 or win step 2.
  4. $500 + $35 or win step 3.
  5. $1000 + $65 or win step 4.

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