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Poker Tournamet Tips

Poker Tournament Tips

Televised poker is based mainly around poker tournaments. All the famous players got that way by playing on the World Poker Tour or in the World Series of Poker. Naturally, many players getting started in poker today want to startwith poker tournaments. If you are ready to foray
into tournament poker, here’s what you need to know.

Patience in Tournament Poker

You can’t win the tournament in the first round, but you sure can lose it there. Many players starting out panic and feel they need to amass chips as quickly as possible.

The reality is even if you double up in the first round the number of chips you will gain will only be worth a few rounds of blinds in the eighth or ninth round. On the other hand, if you lose all your chips in the first round, you're done.

Take your time in the first few rounds and don’t commit too many chipswithout a very big hand. Use those rounds to feel out your opponents for use in later rounds when the blinds are big and the pots really worth winning.

Strategies in Tournament Poker

There are two basic approaches to tournament poker. There is a hyper aggressive chip grabbing style, willing to risk a lot of chips early in order to gain a lot. There is also the survive and thrive strategy which advocates a steady rise in chip count without taking too many risks until necessary.

Both have their merits and there are different ways to achieve these goals. Just because you are hyper aggressive doesn’t mean you have to call every all-in bet and even if you are trying to survive you shouldn’t be folding aces pre-flop.

Winning in Tournament Poker

While cash game players can expect the majority of their sessions to be winners, even good tournament players can go several tournaments without a cash.

Remember that because the payout odds are bigger, it’s okay to wait longer for a win. As long
as you make sure you have the bankroll for an extended tournament run and you have the skills, you should be fine.

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