Friday, October 28, 2005


New Poker Forum Worth Supporting

I've been spending some time at a new poker forum lately, and I highly recommend it. The posters there are friendly and reasonably funny, and it seems like many of them play in some of the same league games at their local bar. I've been lucky enough to play in a few of the weekly poker games on Wednesday nights with those guys too, and it's been a lot of fun. Last week I won about $300 in 2 hours at the $50 buy-in no limit game that the forum sponsored.

I understand too that there is a freeroll coming up soon too. I don't remember which poker room it's scheduled at, but like I say, go check out the new forum and try to post something smart and/or funny there. I'm always excited to see a high quality new community getting off the ground.


Chris Fergusons $1 Parlayed Into $20,000

Iggy posted a great little story the other day about someone putting a dollar into Chris Ferguson's account at an online poker room, which he then parlayed into $20,000 or $25,000. According to one version of the story, Ferguson lost the dollar then got another dollar for his account. And there's also some debate over who actually gave him the dollar. I think it's possible that the whole story is apocryphal, but if it's true, what a wonderful article he'll make out of it.

That kind of thing would certainly encourage a lot of people to play at Full Tilt Poker. (I mention Full Tilt because Chris Ferguson is part of that whole Team Full Tilt thing they've got going on over there.) One of the things I learned recently when reading that awful ebook from The Rich Jerk was that people buy hope. Any chance of feeling like they can get something for nothing, or that they can make a lot of money with no real effort, and they're going to go for it.

What people will fail to realize (inevitably) as they scamper like so many lemmings to make minimal deposits at online poker rooms is that winning that kind of money takes skill, effort, and years of hard work to get to the point where you can pull something like that off. Even then you're going to need plenty of good luck to succeed with that kind of endeavor.

Don't get me wrong; I encourage everyone to play online poker (as long as it's legal for them to do so in their jurisdiction). I love it, and I think it's well worthwhile. But as any online pro poker player will tell you, it's not a quick buck or a something for nothing deal. It requires work, study, and preparation. None of which I have in abundance, but I'm smart enough to understand my own limitations too.

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