Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I Placed 114th in an Online Poker Tournament

I played in an online poker tournament last night with over 1060 players and placed 114th. I felt pretty good about that. I've actually played in this particular Monday night tournament quite a few times and never made it into the money before, so I was particularly excited about last night's showing.

The hand I went out with was QQ. I re-raised all-in against a loose aggressive player from late position, and he called me with KK. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably play it more or less the same way, to tell the truth. He'd given me every reason to think he was misrepresenting his hand, since he'd raised preflop about twice out of every 10 hands he'd been dealt for the previous 30 or 40 hands or so.

Finally a showing in an online poker tournament where I can feel really good about how I did. I don't feel like I made any mistakes at all in last night's tournament, although I think I MIGHT have played a little too tight.

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