Saturday, May 13, 2006


Video Poker Websites

I've got too many recommended sites in my sidebar, so I'm going to move some of the into some posts on the blog and then just link to those posts. That should make the sidebar a little more user-friendly, and it will be easier for folks to find what they're looking for in the recommendations too. This is the first in that series of categorized recommendations, the video poker sites:

Video Poker Player is the first recommended video poker site on the list. The site has full details about the game of video poker, including a short history of the game. That information is followed by instructions how to play and an analysis of some of the different online video poker games available, like Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, and Playtech.

Video Poker St is another site similar to the first, full of information about online video poker and online casinos, especially. The site is well-designed and it's easy to find the information you're looking for there.

You can also learn how to play video poker at Video Poker School. Great info about where to play online, how to take advantage of online casino comps, and a video poker tutorial are included.

Video Poker Treasure focuses almost exclusively on recommending good online casinos at which to play video poker. The casinos recommended there are all solid, reputable places to play.

Finally, if you're looking for information about video poker strategy and video poker games, you might really enjoy this new site, Video Poker 365. Lots of unique and high quality video poker content available there, including an interview with Jeff Lotspiech, who launched one of the first video poker websites on the internet a few years ago.

Video Poker 247 is another cool site about video poker that's refreshingly light on the flashing casino ads and has lots of basic information about how to play.

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