Sunday, May 30, 2004


Sklansky's Hold Em Starting Hands

I took a beating last night. My plan is to focus really on hard on mastering the concepts in Sklansky's Hold Em Poker and Sklansky's Hold Em Poker for Advanced Players. I'm losing way too much money.

David Sklansky seems to think that if you master pre-flop play, you can break even. And that if you master play after the flop, then you can become profitable. I don't think I've come even close to mastering pre-flop play, so I'm going to focus on that for now. I'm going to be doing some studying before I even log back on to play. Playing poker online could become a very expensive habit if I don't take it seriously enough to actually learn how to play well.

I will share a success today though. A couple of months ago I won a satellite into the Wednesday Night Super Special at Party Poker. I came in 5th out of 811 players and won $6000. So even after all the losses I've posted about here before now, I'm way up for my poker career.

I think my eventual goal will be to make a side income of some sort playing poker online.

Saturday, May 29, 2004


State of the Poker Bankroll

I've been playing a few SNG's at both Party Poker and Poker Stars. Last night I won 2nd in an SNG at Poker Stars, then today I lost one. My bankroll at Party Poker is currently $121.88, and at Poker Stars it's $88.00.

This of course keeps me involved in the fairly low dollar events, which is probably for the best. I'm in a learning and growth phase right now.

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a couple of days. Things have been hectic chasing after the twins. And work's been crazy!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Tournament Poker

Poker tournaments are great! I'd just about run my bankroll down to 0, so I deposited another $100 tonight. Bringing me to like $108. I played in 4 SNG's and hit first place in one of them, so my bankroll is now $176. My immediate goal is to run that up to $200, and then to $300. Baby steps. Little baby steps.

Anyone else with a poker blog who wants to trade links, please let me know.


Sunday, May 23, 2004


Down Again

$45.13 Been playing ring games and trying to get my raked hands played so I can get my bonus money.

Been reading John Vorhaus's excellent book, Killer Internet Poker. LOVE it! Especially the section on data management. I've been trying to get a better hold on my statistical play and on my opponents.

Also--I signed up with PokerStars today. That's where Chris Moneymaker plays, I understand. Interesting software. Much smaller community of players too. Tried to sign up for Aloha Poker but had trouble logging in. I was going to play in a Free Roll with the gang over at Poker Analysis, but just couldn't make it happen.

But I've done okay so far at PokerStars. I think I'm up about $15 or so. I'll have to doublecheck.



A Little Bit of Profit Today

I decided yesterday that I need to get a little more basic and learn a little more and maybe change some of my thinking. So I started re-reading Sklansky's Hold Em Poker. Very early in the book Sklansky writes that NL holdem is not at all friendly, and no beginner should even play.

I decided that I'm still a beginner so I shouldn't play NL anymore for a while. So this morning I played in a Limit SNG for $10 and took 3rd, then I played some ring tables at 0.50/$1.00. I have some money in my bonus account that won't be released until I've played a certain number of raked hands, and I've only got until May 28 to do so. So that's going to be my focus for a bit.

Bankroll currently sits at $89.38, so I'm a little more than 1/10th of the way toward doubling up this week. The $39 bonus for playing the raked hands will help with that too.

Gotta go right now. My daughters are about to get up from their nap.


Saturday, May 22, 2004


Poker Bankroll

Is now only $80.38. Had a horrible day. Lost just about every time I played. I'm going to spend some time studying and stick with the $10+$1 SNG's for a while now. And I think I might take tomorrow off entirely from poker and just concentrate on taking care of my twin daughters.

I lost today because I made a lot of bad decisions, and I had a run of bad luck.

My goal over the next week is to double that $80 bankroll of mine.



I placed 423 out of 747 Entrants

I made a really bad all-in with a flush and the other guy had the nut flush. I don't know why I'm compelled to make bad bets. $124.38.


More Tournaments

I hate second place. Bankroll is now $124.38. Playing in a $50 multi-table NL holdem tournament, since I couldn't win my way into the Saturday night special. Sigh.

Will let you know how this one turns out. After this, I'm done for the day though.



Another Lost Poker Tournament

I finally got the chance to play again this afternoon. My daughters made a big mess, and I had a helluva time getting them fed, but my wife returned and took over so I could play a little more.

I came in 4th. Went all in with 7's and some gal called me with A6o and flopped an A.

Bankroll is now $285.38.



Okay--Lost another Poker Tournament

I went all in with a pair of 7's in my pockets. Someone else had 9's, and a big stack, so he took me out quick. 6th place.

I'll try another poker tournament this afternoon. My twin daughters (20 months old) are up now, and my wife's out of the house, so I have to feed the girls and then entertain the girls.

My bankroll is currently at $311.38. I'm going to start posting the details of my bankroll in here too. I read somewhere that somebody's got a goal to make $100k in 7 days at Party Poker or something like that. I don't have a goal right now, but I AM going to post my bankroll figures in each post so everyone will know how I'm doing.



Welcome to Poker Chip's Poker Adventures

I'm going to be going by the name Poker Chip here, and I'm going to be describing some of my poker adventures playing online poker.

Today I'm trying to win my way into the Saturday night $200k multi-table tournament. I'm playing single table qualifiers to try to get in. My wife won't let me pay full price to enter a tournament, and I'm of the opinion that if I can't win my way in, I probably don't deserve to play in the big tourney anyway.

I just placed 7th in one qualifier (NL). And I'm going to play another one as soon as the table fills. Wish me luck.

Poker Chip

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