Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Tournament Poker

Poker tournaments are great! I'd just about run my bankroll down to 0, so I deposited another $100 tonight. Bringing me to like $108. I played in 4 SNG's and hit first place in one of them, so my bankroll is now $176. My immediate goal is to run that up to $200, and then to $300. Baby steps. Little baby steps.

Anyone else with a poker blog who wants to trade links, please let me know.


Hey Chip,
Its great to know that there are other wannabes out there too, keep up the blogging.
I have added your link to my blog,
Appreciate a link from yours.
Good luck with your games
I made your link live today! Thanks for your comments!
Hey Chip,
Thanks for the link.
Good to hear you did well in a live game, never tried one myself, but its good to see us internet players can hold our own in the real world, well done.
I got 20 month old twins, so I feel your pain....
Hey Chip. I have a blog on here too about Holdem. http://sirfwalgman.blogspot.com. I find it interesting to hear about other peoples trials in Poker. I am like you, still learning. Trying not to loose alot. Keep up the good work. Interesting stuff. I am still trying to figure out how to write well too.. heh.
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