Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Low Limit Holdem Rules

I've been playing in the low limit holdem games at my online poker room of choice lately, and when I say low limit, I'm talking about $1/$2 limit Texas holdem. The games rule! I won $40 in about 40 minutes last night, playing 2 tables and reading articles on other websites while playing. The players online at this level will call you all the way down to the river on any kind of hopeless draw, and so far top pair or overpair has won almost every showdown except for one last night, where the villain hit his flush draw on the river.

Anyway, I'm playing the lower games for a couple of reasons. One is that I'm just not a good enough player to play much higher limits than this. The other is that my bankroll is short now, because I cashed almost all of my poker bankroll out after they passed UIGEA.

Lots of poker busts going on in Dallas lately too. You can read about that over at Pokerati. While you're at it, go check out Iggy's NEW poker blog too. (Even though I don't think he's written much about the Dallas poker busts.) I don't even play at the underground rooms here in Dallas any more. Oklahoma is just too close, and the cops won't mess with me there.

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