Saturday, June 12, 2004


Real Poker in a Real Cardroom

I was invited to play poker Monday night at a real cardroom for the first time. The first game was a NL Holdem Freeroll tourney with 20 players. 1st place got $75 and 2nd got $25. I placed 9th or so.

After that was the real money game. It was NL Holdem at $1/$2. I bought in for $100 and cashed out with $143, so I was pretty happy with booking a winning session. Especially since it was my first time to play in a real cardroom, as opposed to playing online.

At one point I had $350 or so in chips. This was after going all-in with AJo and flopping another AJ. The other two players had AQo and AKo and called me.

I lost all of that and more with a 2nd best flush with a Q high. The other player had the K. The ace was on the board.

All in all, very exciting time playing cards. Definitely going to try to play more face to face poker.

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