Saturday, September 25, 2004


Friday Night at the Local Poker Club

After losing almost every game of poker I played in for a week on the internet, I finally managed to get down to the local poker club and play live for a while. I learned last night that you can be on tilt and not even realize you're on tilt, which was quite an ah-ha moment for me. I thought I was playing really aggressively and making some masterful bets and raises, but in retrospect ($200 later), what I was really doing was betting on bad hands that should have been thrown away and overplaying hands that were only marginal.

So today, after staying up until 4:30am and getting only 3 hours of sleep, I'm licking my wounds, taking care of kids, and getting ready to go to my son's football game. And tonight I play in the Saturday Night $200K Guaranteed at Party Poker. I only pray that I can get a nap in before then.

Ultimate Bet

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