Friday, September 10, 2004


Phil Hellmuth's Top Ten Starting Hands

Phil Hellmuth's top ten starting hands are listed in his book Play Poker Like the Pros. The top ten starting hands are for hold em games, and Phil's recommendation for beginning players is to play these hands and only these hands when you're a beginner.

The top ten starting hands are any pair of 77's or better, plus AK and AQ, regardless of whether or not they're suited. Phil also recommends playing some additional hands when you get more skilled in holdem. The additional hands he recommends playing are suited connectors, 66's or smaller, and Ax suited.

The starting hand recommendations that Phil Hellmuth makes in this book were the easiest way for me to learn pre-flop play. I know a lot of folks are big believers in Sklansky's starting hand groups, and they certainly further break down what's playable and what's not, but Hellmuth's guidelines made it a lot easier for me to get my arms around what good hole cards were compared to what bad hole cards were.

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