Sunday, October 31, 2004


The Difference Between Party Poker's $25 No Limit Tables and Party Poker's $100 Pot Limit Tables

At first I thought the difference between Party's $25 no limit tables and their $100 pot limit tables was about $20 per hour, because that's what I win, on average, at the $25 no limit tables. (So far anyway--believe me, I don't have great records or tons of data yet.) And I lose at the $100 pot limit tables. (At least so far--again--I don't have enough data.)

But to calculate the real difference, I have to calculate how much I lose at the pot limit tables and add that to the difference. That makes the picture much different. I only played about 5 hours at the pot limit table, but I probably lost $500 or so. That's $100 per hour.

So the real difference between the $25 no limit tables and the $100 pot limit tables at Party, for me anyway, is about $120 per hour.

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