Friday, October 15, 2004


Doyle Brunson and Me

Doyle Brunson is arguably the most famous poker player alive today. (With the possible exceptions of Amarillo Slim, or Chris Moneymaker, or Greg Raymer. And I guess Gabe Kaplan is pretty famous too, or at least he used to be, but he's famous for more than just being a poker player. I digress.) I have a special place in my heart because Doyle Brunson and I have a few things in common.

Doyle Brunson is a big man. Tall and a little bit overweight. (Much like myself.) But he's not just physically big. He's also a big player and a big name. He's contributed as much if not more to the game of poker than just about anyone else living. If the only thing he'd ever accomplished was the publication of Super/System, that would probably still be enough to earn him a place in poker's hall of fame.

Like me, Doyle Brunson is from Texas. Unlike me, he was quite an athlete growing up--he played lots of different sports. Basketball, baseball, track. Heck, he was such a good basketball player that he was drafted by the Laker's. A knee injury ended his professional career as an athlete though. (Unlike Brunson, I've never had a career as an athlete, but I do have a bit of arthritis in my right knee.)

Another big difference between me and Doyle Brunson is our level of play. Doyle's a legendary poker player. He's won at least nine gold bracelets at the World Series of Poker; I've never even played in the World Series of Poker. Another cool fact about him: he has a hand named after him. A "Doyle Brunson" is a T2.

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