Saturday, October 16, 2004


Hoyt Corkins - Poker Player Hoyt Corkins

His name is Hoyt Corkins, and he is a rancher. (With a name like Hoyt, really the only other profession he could have would be a poker player or a country music singer.) But come to think of it, Hoyt Corkins is also a well respected and aggressive poker player. Phil Hellmuth Jr. called him "Mr. All-In", which he meant in a derogatory way, but I don't think anyone else has taken in that way. In fact, from what I can tell from the other articles I saw on this guy on the other websites, everyone thinks of that "Mr. All-In" moniker as a term of respect and possibly even endearment.

From what I've read on some other sites, Hoyt Corkins is one of those old school gentlemen who you can't even provoke into saying something bad about someone else, not even Phil Hellmuth. This is the biggest thing that impressed me about him. (That and the big black cowboy hat--I just love that whole cowboy hat and sunglasses look he's got going on.) On a side note, it's almost fashionable to dislike Phil Hellmuth Jr. I guess I go against the grain, because I like him very much, and even liked his book, Play Poker Like the Pros.

Anyway--Hoyt Corkins is my kind of poker player. I admire aggression, and I admire big black cowboy hats too, although I haven't worn a cowboy hat myself since I was in my early teens. (And I mean early, like 13 or so...)

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