Saturday, October 30, 2004


Poker Conversation

This is a transcript of an actual poker conversation I had recently.

T - Man, I'm going to play poker all weekend.

Me - Yeah?

T - Yeah. And I'm going to play hard too.

Me - (Pause)

T- Are you going to play this weekend?

Me - Yeah. I'll probably play a little.

T- Are you going to play hard?

Me - Hell yeah.

T- Man--I've been winning about $50 per hour on Party Poker lately at the pot limit tables.

Me- Yeah--I've done allright for the past couple of days. Maybe $40 an hour.

A few hours after this conversation, I went on tilt and dropped about $400. One of the first times I'd ever been on tilt that I know of, and the funny thing about it is that I didn't even realize I was on tilt til I lost a bunch of money and quit and thought about it.

My new goal is to be like David Sklansky. He never tilts.

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