Monday, December 27, 2004


How Much Are My Poker Chips Worth?

So I'm seeing a lot of traffic from people searching for "how much are my poker chips worth?" and "how much is a red poker chip worth?" so I guess I'd better put some notes up here about poker chips' standard denominations based on colors. I'm here to help my visitors, after all.

First off, your poker chips can be worth anything you and the other players in your home game agree to. But I recommend sticking with the standard values, because it will make things less confusing for you and your poker playing buddies.

The most common colors of poker chips and their standard values are listed below:

There are other colors of poker chips in use, but you'll probably only see them rarely. If you see them in a casino or at a buddy's house, and you need to know what they're worth, no one's going to give you a hard time for not knowing what the chips are worth.

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