Monday, March 07, 2005


$30 + $3 SnG's at Party Poker

Been playing a bunch of $30 + $3 SnG's at Party Poker. Took 1st place in one, but lost like 4 more immediately afterward, so I scaled back to the $20 + $2 tables. I'm going to add a couple of features to the old poker blog today: a log of my poker games and bankroll, and a poker site of the day for you to check out. There are a helluva lot of poker websites out there, and I've been to damn near all of them, and I'm going to start posting links to the ones I think are the best, along with some of my brilliant commentary.

For that matter, I think I'll add a daily link to a cool site that's NOT about poker every day too.

I'm actually writing this while I'm playing in the $20 + $2, so forgive me if my posts are a little bit disjointed today.

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