Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Absolute Poker Increases Bonus to $350 - AbsolutePoker

Absolute Poker announced today that they were increasing the max bonus on their 35% initial deposit bonus from $210 to $350! That's the biggest poker bonus available online, and I highly recommend that you take advantage of it. (I got in when the max bonus was still $210--wonder if they'll offer me the difference if I deposit the difference.) Seriously though, this is a HUGE bonus. Big time dollars. Lots of moolah. Major money.

Take advantage of it, and be sure that when you sign up for AbsolutePoker, you sign up here: AbsolutePoker.com.

Absolute Poker

I've been playing at Absolute now for several weeks, and I really love the software, and the action has been plenty good. Every Sunday they have a WSOP qualifier that you can enter for $100 + $8, or you can win your way into that Sunday night tournament through a sub-qualifier. This is truly one of the best poker sites online. I loved Ultimate Bet (and still do), and I love Party, but Absolute is definitely the third leg on my poker stool.

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