Monday, March 07, 2005


Cool Poker Site of the Day

The cool poker site of the day for today is Play Winning Poker. This is Steve Badger's website, and it is chock full of good poker reading from someone who really knows what the hell he's talking about. (Badger's considered one of, if not THE, best Omaha player in the world.) And not only does he know what he's talking about, but he tells it to you straight. If you don't like brutal honesty, then stay away from Badger, because he's as brutal as he is honest.

One of the things I enjoy about Steve's site is that he doesn't spend a whole lot of time telling you how to play, he spends his time telling you how to think for yourself and how to learn how to play. His contention seems to be, and he's expressed it multiple times, that the correct play is so situational that most beginners' guidelines are about as useful as training wheels once you've already learned how to ride a bike. Hell, anyone who encourages original thinking in this day and age deserves kudos.

Steve Badger is also a pretty literary guy, and he usually includes some clever quotes and stuff to keep things interesting over at his site. I particularly liked the quote from the Chronicles of Amber that he used in one article called "Come Find Out", which I think was also the title of the article. Great stuff, and I'll let you go find it for yourself and read it to see how great it is. He's also a fan of classic movies, and if you do a bit of looking, you can find links to some of his classic movie sites there too.

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