Saturday, March 12, 2005


ESPN - Tilt - Poker Television

ESPN has a new drama is called Tilt, and it's about poker, yes. The show's been on since mid-January, and it's another example of how popular poker has become. I haven't yet actually seen Tilt, but I know that it stars Michael Madsen, who is generally really good in anything he does, even sub-standard movie type stuff, so I'm sure he's good on this show too. ESPN's really making a lot of money on poker, and I'm not sure if they've ever actually launched a traditional drama before or not.

The storyline has something to do with 3 professional gamblers who are trying to team up and take down the reigning king of poker, some colorful character named "The Matador" (played by Michael Madsen). Tilt was created by the same writing team who brought the movie Rounders into the world, Brian Koppelman and David Levien. Apparently the two writers did a bit of research in the "dangerous" world of underground cardrooms. (That's what it says on the official ESPN Tilt website anyway.)

Other cast members besides Michael Madsen include: Eddie Cibrian, Kristin Lehman, Todd Williams, Chris Bauer, Amelia Cooke, and Don McManus.

The season finale of ESPN's Tilt is on this Sunday night. Anyone who's actually watched the whole season and would like to talk about it here is encouraged to post a comment.

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