Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Jennicide - A Big Poker Stars .com Draw

Jennicide is a female poker player who plays mostly at PokerStars. I had never really heard of her until recently, when I was reading in a forum somewhere that she has a huge following of men who watch her play poker at Poker Stars. According to an article I saw on a Womens Poker Club site, she's 20 years old and in 5 months was able to win 5 multitable tournaments. Pretty doggone impressive poker playing right there. (There's no date on that article, so don't quote me on her age, cuz I'm quoting a source that I'm not entirely sure about myself.)

I also saw over at Poker-Babe's site that Jennicide's real name is Jennifer Leigh, and she's been chronicling Jennicide's Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure there. Based on the pictures there, she's certainly a lovely enough young woman. It also looks like Jennicide is at least an occasional poster at the Two Plus Two forums. Anyway, I'm amazed at how celebrities are created in the strangest of places. Who would have thought that a female poker player named Jennifer would become such a phenomenon? Hey--and more power to her.

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