Monday, March 07, 2005


Kathy Liebert Joins as Spokeswoman

Kathy Liebert wins the poker "battle of the sexes" and then goes out and becomes a spokeswoman for, the world's largest poker site. This was a GSN show, and she apparently won $100. Tom Leykis was one of the co-hosts of the show, if I heard the commercials correctly on the radio, which should have made for interesting watching, even though I didn't get to see it myself. (Leykis is one of my favorite radio personalities.)

Liebert is signing up as spokeswoman just in time for the Party Poker Million IV, which is going to be a grand cruise that I'm very sorry I'm not attending personally. She'll be playing with about 750 other players on the cruise as part of the World Poker Tour, and we'll be able to see that on tv soon too.

Kathy Liebert was a high powered executive with Dunn and Bradstreet before she decided to leave the business world and enter the world of cards.

All I can say is, good for Kathy!

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