Sunday, March 06, 2005


Online Poker All Weekend Long

I've been playing poker both online and offline all weekend, but mostly online. My wife and kids are in San Antonio for the weekend, which left the entire house to me. So I've done nothing but drink Crown Royal, listen to music, and play, play, and play some more. And I've realized a couple of things about game, both because I've been losing a lot, and losing often, and because I've been reading Iggy's Poker Blog in depth. I'm losing because I'm playing low limits and I'm playing way too loose.

First of all, about reading Iggy's blog: I decided to read his blog in its entirety. Not sure why, but wanted to see how the blogfather of poker did it, and see how he did it from day one. (So I guess I am sure why. Fuzzy thinking=fuzzy writing.) So far I've finished reading all of his posts from 2003, and I'll start reading the rest of it tomorrow or maybe later this afternoon. Maybe I can work my way through reading through a month's worth of posts every night. But I am taking the easy way out--I'm not following any of the links or reading any of the stuff he's referring me to. I figure I can do that after I finish reading the blog.

Thought #2--I'm playing WAY too loose and aggressive for my bankroll. Maybe not too aggressive, but definitely too loose. I'm trying to steal too many pots, and I'm letting way too many people figure out that I'm going to take a stab at every pot in a $25 NL game regardless of the flop or my hole cards if no one bets before I do. Usually when they raise my bet, I fold, unless I've got a good hand. And that's not a pattern that takes most people long to figure out. It's an exciting way to play, and if you're lucky, you can be very profitable short term playing that way, but in the long term, it will tear you up. (It's tore up my poker bankroll, that's for sure.)

I have other subjects to talk about, but I'm going to talk about them in other posts.

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