Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Party Poker Bankroll Update

I played in 4 $10 + $1 buy in SnG's tonight at Party Poker. I took 1st place in 2 of them, 2nd place in 1 of them, and didn't place in the 4th one. 75% ITM% tonight. (If you do decide to sign up for a new account with Party, then be sure to check out my special offer on the Doyle Brunson book.)

PartyPoker Bankroll is now $247.75. When I get the bankroll back up to $300, I'm going to jump back up to the $20 + $2 buy-ins. I think the bankroll recommendation is 15 times the buy in, although I might be wrong about that. I might be 25 times the buy in, I'm not sure. But MY plan is to move back up to the $20 SnG's when I hit $300.

I didn't play at any of the other rooms tonight, although I tried to play at Interpoker. They sent me an email saying that since they hadn't seen any account activity in 3 months, they were going to label my account "dormant" and charge me $2 a month til my funds were drained. So I tried to buy into a $10 + $1 tourney there. (I have $88 in my account at Interpoker right now.) And I tried 2 or 3 times. Every time I tried, I got a text message on my screen that said I didn't have enough funds. I sent them a quick complaint email, so maybe they'll get it straightened out soon for me.

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