Wednesday, March 23, 2005


PartyPoker Bankroll Update

My current bankroll at Party Poker: $382.25

Been playing a lot of SnG's at the $10 + $1 level, and a few at the $20 + $2 level. Haven't been getting many cards, but I've been playing pretty well, although the play at the tables has changed lately. Some of the players are a lot more unpredictable, and I've been surprised at how tight some of the tables have been lately.

Also, here are my current bankrolls at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker:

Absolute Poker $316.08
Party Poker $382.25
Ultimate Bet $149.38

So I've seen an increase in all my bankrolls since 3/7/2005 when I started tracking. Here were the numbers then:

Absolute Poker $300.68 (up $15.40)
Party Poker $161.75 (up $220.50)
Ultimate Bet $140.38 (up $9)

Total increase in the last two weeks or so: $245.90. Not enough to live on, but not bad to have a hobby that pays for itself.

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