Friday, March 04, 2005


Pink Bunny Poker Auction

The pink bunny poker auction was the brainchild of an acquaintance of mine named Jeremy who is the author of a book about how to make money as an affiliate of Party Poker called Party Riches. I think this auction was one of the best and most interesting PR type campaigns I've seen. Unless I'm mistaken, the auction itself received over 5000 visitors, and the news article on Yahoo probably got at least as many visitors. All of which was great exposure for Jeremy and his website, and all of which probably cost him very little.

Jeremy has my congratulations. I'm hoping to come up with some clever marketing plan soon, but for now I'm going to spend a little time just updating my blog and trying to get something up here that people want to read. Right now I average 30 or so visitors a day, and I'd sure like to get that number over 50, then 100, then 200, and so on and so on. Heck--maybe I should auction something off on eBay myself.

Also--the Party Riches ebook and the discussion forum over at the website are both rock-solid if you're interested in making money promoting online poker. The only caveat I have is that the online poker industry is INCREDIBLY competitive and hard to monetize right now.

Just a quick note to say that Jeremy now has the third Pink Bunny poker auction going on over at eBay right now. I think this one's going to be a big one--he started this auction at a penny.
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