Friday, March 04, 2005


Poker Tracker Guide

Fellow blogger Iggy has put together an ebook about how to get more use out of the Poker Tracker software. You can find the ebook at Poker Tracker Guide. I haven't read it yet, and don't know how useful it is or isn't, but judging from Iggy's poker blog, it's probably pretty good stuff. Cuz I haven't read too much poker writing by other people the compares with the enormous amount of content he manages to spew forth on a semi regular basis. In fact, he's sort of a hero to me as a poker blogger, especially since he ranks in the top ten on Google for "party poker", which is one of the most impressive and difficult feats imaginable.

Anyway, I'm going to pick up this Poker Tracker Guide ebook and give it a read-through, probably tomorrow, because I'm 90% sure I'm not using Poker Tracker to its fullest potential. In fact, I hardly use it at all, and I need to start. John Vorhaus said one time that to be a serious poker player, you have to keep records of your play. That's it. Once you start keeping books on it, you're automatically upgraded to "serious player".

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