Saturday, March 05, 2005


Ultimate Bet's Tournament Ambassador Wins 4th at Harrah's

Ultimate Bet has a "tournament ambassador" named James Worth, who's also known as "KrazyKanuck" online, and he just won 4th place in the World Series Ciruit at Harrah's in San Diego. Prize money was $158,850. There were over 200 other players in the event, including Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.

From what I've read, the Krazy Kanuck has been playing poker for over ten years but only started playing seriously a couple of years ago, and he sold his successful coffee company to do so. He lives in Toronto, and he finished 2nd to TJ Cloutier in the pot limit event (Festa al Lago Poker Tournament) at the Bellagio in 2003.

Guess there's no need to add him to my buddy list, huh?

Ultimate Bet

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