Tuesday, March 22, 2005


World Series of Poker Official Homepage

I was wondering what I might find on the World Series of Poker site, so I surfed on over tonight to check out their official homepage. The first thing I noticed when I visited the site was that Harrah's is definitely working to take advantage of this branding opportunity. My inkling is that "World Series of Poker" gets more searches every day than "Harrahs", but I could certainly be wrong about that. Certainly wouldn't be the first time. The 2nd thing I noticed was that the WSOP logo is one mighty fine logo. Any company would be proud to have a logo that looked that sharp.

Absolute Poker

The next feature on the World Series of Poker website is the schedule of events and qualifiers. A lot of folks forget that the WSOP is not just about the $10k NL world championship event. Almost all poker games are represented at the World Series, and there are all kinds of qualifiers and sub-qualifiers going on all the time, both online and offline. You can also read about the Tournament of Champions in this section, and there are some great photos of the players and events.

The site also sells merchandise in the WSOP store, and allows you to book your hotel reservations and pre-register for World Series of Poker events. It's a well put together site, easy to navigate and pleasant to look at.

The poker website of the day is the World Series of Poker Official Homepage.

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