Thursday, March 17, 2005


WPT Enterprises Inc - World Poker Tour

WPT Enterprises is the recently public company who promotes the World Poker Tour. They have three divisions: WPT Studios, which is their television development division, WPT Consumer Products, which is their branded consumer products division (imagine that, considering the name, heh), and WPT Corporate Alliances, which is the division that sponsors corporate events. Lyle Berman is the CEO, and Steven Lipscomb is the President & Director. Other execs include Timothy Cope, Interim CFO and Director, Audrey Kania, Executive VP, and Robyn Moder, Executive VP.

I'm writing about WPT Enterprises because someone on their message board on Yahoo used a link to an article I wrote about the potential Party Poker IPO in one of their posts. Before that, I didn't know that WPT Enterprises was a publicly traded company. I guess they went public last August, and it looks like their stock opened at $8.10/share. As of today, they're selling for $18.30/share. That would have been a nice one to get in on at $8/share.

Roxy Poker

Anyway, I'm starting to get interested in some of these poker stocks. Maybe there are more public companies centered around poker, and I should put together a portfolio?

Here's some additional corporate data for WPT Enterprises for anyone who might be interested:

WPT Enterprises Inc.
1041 North Formosa Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90046

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