Thursday, March 31, 2005


WSOP Pink Bunny Auction Update - Golden Palace Casino

Not long ago I wrote about my friend Jeremy Enke's pink bunny poker auction. He actually ran the auction 3 times, and the first two times it didn't sell, even though it got a massive amount of exposure. But this time Golden Palace Casino stepped up to the plate and bought the auction. If you missed the earlier post about this, Jeremy has offered to play poker in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 2005 dressed as a pink bunny with the auction winner's ad across his chest. Since a man in such a costume would look mighty silly and probably attract a lot of attention, this would be a great advertising opportunity.

Jeremy's most recent pink bunny poker auction (the one that sold) saw almost 15,000 visitors, and he received 49 bids before Golden Palace Casino came in at the last minute with a winning bid of $15,100. The auction prior to this one had 18,000 visitors but no bids. I don't have any pertinent statistics for his first auction, because he ended it early I think.

There were some concerns that Harrahs might not allow someone dressed as a pink bunny to play in the WSOP, but Jeremy has a solution for that too--a pink leisure suit. And protesters in front of Harrahs carrying signs saying "Let the bunny play" and "Bunnies play poker too."

This has been one of the more interesting body advertising auctions on eBay, and Jeremy Enke stands to gain an enormous amount of exposure both personally and on the web as a result of this. Hats off to you, Jeremy, and congratulations to both you and to the WSOP.

any pics available, id love to of seen this for myself
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