Friday, March 04, 2005


WSOP Qualifier at Absolute Poker

On a brighter note, I did well in the WSOP qualifier last Sunday night at Absolute Poker, placing 10th out of 166 people. Not even close to good enough to win a seat at the series, but I played well, didn't make any major mistakes and only made 1 minor mistake, and overall just felt really good about it. My friend Shane was over for a visit that evening and sat there and watched me play for almost 4 hours while we listened to music on Napster and sang along.

I don't know if I'm going to play in any more WSOP qualifiers at Absolute for a while. My bankroll there is down to less than half what I deposited, and I haven't been running good at Party Poker lately either, especially since they changed the blind structure on the lower buy in no limit tables. I need to start rebuilding my poker bankroll, and I need to do so soon.

But not tonight. I'm still depressed and probably on tilt because of my experience at the Mckinney poker club tonight.

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