Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Jennifer Tilly - 2005 WSOP Ladies Bracelet Winner

The lovely and talented Jennifer Tilly is the winner of the 2005 WSOP ladies no limit holdem event, which makes this her first WSOP bracelet. Tilly is well-known among most guys I know for starring in the erotic thriller Bound, which features some dazzling nudity and lesbian sex scenes between her and another actress (whose name I can't currently recall.) Jennifer Tilly also received an Oscar nomination for her role in the Woody Allen movie Bullets Over Broadway, which is highly recommended, although for almost completely different reasons than Bound.

I read on a message board the other day that Jennifer Tilly was talking about how her boyfriend "Phil" would wake up screaming about poker when she was used to her boyfriends waking up and screaming out the names of other women. The person who made the post was worried that Phil Hellmuth was the Phil she'd referred to, but several others pointed out that she's actually dating Phil "The Unabomber" Laak. Good for Laak.

I was reading that there are several celebrities playing in the main event of the WSOP this year, including Matt Damon, Ed Norton, Ben Affleck, James Woods, Gabe Kaplan, and Shannon Elizabeth (!) Not sure if Jennifer Tilly is playing in the main event this year or not, but if she is, I wish her luck.

Recommended reading: Ladies No Limit - Jennifer Tilly, by Shirley Rosario. I LOVE the photo of Jennifer Tilly in her "I don't like you" t-shirt.

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