Monday, June 06, 2005


Party Poker Super Monday NL Holdem $150 + $12

Inspired by Susan's success, I decided to play tonight in the Super Monday No Limit game at Party Poker. I placed 372 out of 793 participants. The first table I played at was EXTREMELY tight, and I picked up quite a few blinds and fairly quickly brought my 1000 stack up to about 1400. Then I got moved to another table, where the players were quite a bit tougher.

This was the table where I busted out. I had AK offsuit and a short stacked guy bet 100 when the blinds were 25/50. I raised him to 300 which was close to half his stack, and he went all in. At that point I decided to call. He had 10's. Flopped a 10 and a K, and he doubled up, leaving me with 962 chips. (Pretty short-stacked at this point.)

So I'm in late position on a hand, one guy upfront calls the $100 blind and everyone else folds to me. I go all in, and the big and small blind fold, but the $100 caller, who has a big stack, calls my all-in. Of course, I have A3 and he has AK, so he has a big advantage, and wins all my chips. Boom boom boom, and the Super Monday NL Holdem Tournament at Party Poker is all over for me.

It's clear to me after tonight's tournament that I still have some serious improvement needed in my game. I tend to pay attention to other things when I should be paying attention to the poker game. (Reading websites during the hands I don't play, and chatting with buddies.) That's probably my biggest leak right now: automatic play and not paying attention to what's going on. That kind of play can win consistently at the $10 + $1 SnG's, and even at the $20 + $2 SnG's, but it's not the level of play that I aspire to.

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