Monday, June 13, 2005


Placed 4th in a Private Freeroll Last Night

Some folks know that I'm involved in a site regarding poker affiliate programs, and last night the members of the message board there participated in a freeroll at Paradise Poker. It was my first time to play at Paradise Poker, and I must say that I enjoyed the software. The special effects on the cards when you win with a really good hand are pretty neat, and they have a good selection of games there.

I also won a bounty by knocking out a player, and I placed 4th out of 44 there. It was one of those beautiful tournaments when all the cards fall your way, at least for a while. I hit evey draw I drew to for a long time, and my chip stack got so large that I was able to play really aggressively for quite a while. It was interesting to me too that there are so many freeroll whores out there just begging for a password so they can play in a freeroll with a $40 prize for first place.

I'll be in Miami for the Casino Affiliate Programs spring break this weekend, so after Wednesday or so, I probably won't be posting very much. With any luck there will be some holdem games going on out there though.

And my losing streak at Full Tilt Poker seems to almost over. I think I finally figured out that I needed to fold bad starting hands, and I needed to start paying attention to my position. Big leak there.

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