Monday, June 27, 2005


The Stop and Go Move in Multi Table Tourneys

This is an interesting move that I read about on a forum today, and I wasn't aware of it before now. I think, if the opportunity presents itself, that I might be able to use it in my next multi-table tournament. (And after my frustrating showing at Party Friday night, I'm looking for advice.)

Here's how the stop and go move works. You get a low pocket pair in the big blind. The blinds are big, and you're a little bit short-stacked, maybe 6 or 7 BB's left. An aggressive player opens up preflop with a raise of twice the BB. Some people would go all-in here. This gives your opponent good pot odds, and he'll likely call your all-in.

So the suggested move is to call this bet, then move all-in on the flop no matter what it is. Other pairs are liable to fold here, especially if they're smaller pairs, and your flop has a face card or two. According to the forum post I read about it, this move belongs to Greg Raymer from the 2+2 forums.

Also, you can read the original post here.

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