Thursday, July 07, 2005


Activision Poker Game for World Series of Poker

I guess it's not enough that you can play poker online at reputable card sites. Now there are video game versions of poker where you can play "simulated poker" with "simulated poker players" on your X-box or your Sony Playstation 2 or you Nintendo Gamecube or whatever your console of choice is. I saw that Activision is releasing a World Series of Poker game and the sneak preview is available in Vegas right now. Now let me make sure I understand this: I'm going to Vegas now, when the WSOP is in full swing, and I'm going to watch a video game that I can play poker on, and one on which I can't even play for real money? As one of my former bosses used to tell me, "Not gonna happen."

Reading further into the article, I'm learning that I'll actually get to play with the likenesses of some poker celebrities. Wow. I'm not sure if anyone else has ever played a licensed video game that sucked (Try any movie-related game on the X-box if you haven't, with the exception of the wonderful Star Wars Lego game.), but it's a standard rule that any licensed game for the console video game world will not only suck, but it will suck in a big way. Bad. Awful. Terrible. Some of the worst games ever.

On the other hand, might be fun.

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