Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Poker Babes - Hotties Playing Poker

I guess poker has become a real sport now that there is so much interest in babes who play poker. I keep seeing more and more websites with sections devoted to poker hotties, or good looking women who play poker. I'm not exactly sure what the attraction is to good looking women at a poker table, but I'm sure it's something akin to the attraction toward women in other costumes like cheerleader outfits or maid's costumes. Or maybe it has something to do with dominance and control.

At any rate, I have a list of women who I think of as "poker babes". These are the best looking women I know of in the poker world, and I'm a fan of lists, so here's my list:

This is, without a doubt, a very incomplete list. And the one name I left off the list is my absolute favorite of all, the incomparable Mimi Rogers. Why Tom Cruise left her for all these skinny young women I'll never understand, because Mimi Rogers is nothing short of breathtaking. I didn't even realize she was a poker babe until last week.

Annie Duke didn't make my list, but I know at least one other poker blogger who's received traffic for the phrase "Annie Duke nude", so apparently someone out there thinks she's a babe.

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