Tuesday, July 26, 2005


World Championship of Online Poker at Pokerstars

I won a qualifier to the World Championship of Online Poker at Pokerstars. Chatted with Iggy about it a little bit tonight, and he said that the event I was playing in was particularly brutal, the pot limit short table event. But I played a lot of pot limit here in Dallas when my favorite club in Richardson was still open, so I'm fairly comfortable with my skill level. I think I can probably even place in the money, but you never know.

My wife's not really thrilled about it though, because the tournament is on my daughters' birthday. (I have twins.) Last year I was in the hospital for my birthday. Turns out I have panic attacks, and since I'm overweight, whenever there's a hint of chest pain, they want me in the emergency room.

The weather here in Texas is hot and humid, but I'm staying inside under the fan and air conditioner, and I'm playing a little bit of poker. Been working on some of my other websites for a bit, which is why I haven't done much blogging here. Going to try to make up for it some this week.

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