Thursday, July 14, 2005


WSOP Updates - 2005 No Limit Holdem Status

I've done a lousy job of providing WSOP updates, but I never claimed to be officially covering the World Series of Poker anyway. I just post about it when I feel interested in posting about it, actually, and today I thought I'd try to put something up on the old poker blog that has more to do with poker and less to do with sex. Anyway, I'm getting my updates from Cardplayer anyway, which has got video updates and everything.

Looks like the main event is now down to the final 27 players. That's big money sitting there now, folks. Amazingly, from what I understand, Greg Raymer is doing very well again this year. I think that's terrific. I've always gotten the impression that Greg "Fossilman" Raymer is a cool guy, an ordinary guy, the kinda guy I could have a beer with. The only thing that would be more exciting for me from the perspective of seeing Raymer win the big one again this year would be seeing Gabe Kaplan come out and win it.

I'm a big fan of Gabe Kaplan. The guy's awesome. Funny and smart. A hero to me when I was a young man.

I'm rambling a bit today. I'm in a rambling mood though. Was reading a bunch of cool stuff about Andy Kaufman last night on the internet. There was an interesting guy. Definitely do a Google search for Andy Kaufman sometime and enjoy away. One urban legend I thought was funny was that Jim Carrey was theorized to actually be Kaufman under an asssumed identity.

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