Saturday, November 12, 2005


Starting Hand Selection in Heads Up Poker Games

I play an aggressive poker game. Too aggressive apparently.

I've been playing these heads-up poker tourneys over at Pokerstars a lot lately, and I just kept getting killed there. (I was losing about 60% of the time, which surprised me, since I normally do pretty well at SnG's. I place ITM around 50% or so of the time.)

Then a buddy of mine and I were chatting about it the other night, and he told me that I was probably playing them too aggressively, and too loosely.

So I tightened up my approach a LOT, and suddenly I'm winning about 65% of the time. And when I say tightened up my approach, I mean I started limiting my starting hand selection to good quality starting hands.

Wizard of Odds has a great chart showing how often particular starting hands will win when playing heads up. Worth checking out.

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