Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Comment Spam, Poker, and Save My Finger

So it's early morning and I just spent an hour deleting spam comments from my blog here. I take a kind of perverted pleasure in this, like I'm popping zits or something. Iggy laughed about that when I sent him that on instant messenger, so it must be worth posting here. (BTW, Iggy's blog is about poker, and it's funny, smart, and cool, everything this lameass poker blog I write has never been.) To quote one of the spam comments on my blog, I give Iggy's poker blog "an A+ with a Gold Star!"

F*ck comment spam, by the way.

I have Sirius satellite radio now, but I haven't noticed a poker station yet. They should have one, I think, and I'm predicting they will have one within 12 months unless the "poker boom" crashes. And I say that not because I've read somewhere that this is going to happen, but just because I really am predicting that this will happen.

My wife and I were talking about things that suck up time yesterday. We were at the video game store and some Mom with a 16 year old son was talking about how he spent all his time playing World of Warcraft or something like that, and how he was learning to drive but never wanted to practice, but he was still a straight A student, so she couldn't complain. I played City of Heroes for a few weeks, and it was a great game, but it sucked up so much time that I stopped playing poker, both live and online.

And if I'm going to spend time doing something thats going to take me away from working on websites and earning my family a living, it needs to be something useful, like playing poker online, or watching movies like the recent remake of Yours, Mine and Our with Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid. (The original starred Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda; I looked it up.)

Before I forget, I think Save My Finger is damn funny, and it's probably illustrative of something too, although God only knows what. Someday I'm going to come up with a viral marketing idea that won't cost me a lot of money and implement it, but I don't know when. So far all my viral marketing ideas would cost me more money than they would make.

Here's a list of books I bought myself for Christmas yesterday too:

I spent an hour or two browsing through the "reference" section of the bookstore yesterday in amazement at all the things you can buy books about. I've decided that I love books of lists and almanacs and obscure guides to odd facts and other BS like that. Maybe someday I'll be able to put all of that to use.

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