Thursday, December 29, 2005


Johnny Chan Versus Phil Hellmuth

I was paging through some copies of my old All In magazines, and I came across a little tidbit on the bottom of one of the pages where Johnny Chan was pretty critical of Phil Hellmuth and his demeanor at the poker table. They also presented a response from Phil Hellmuth, which I thought was a gentlemanly and well thought out reply. I'm going to reprint some of the more interesting snippets of what they each said here.

Johnny Chan: Phil Hellmuth is a good poker player, but when he loses, he cries like a little baby. He should learn how to take it like a man. He's not a man yet, but hopefully he'll grow up.

Phil Hellmuth: I'm disappointed that Johnny Chan doesn't see that I am a man, and that I have a passion for the game that sometimes makes me look bad...But my plan is to shut up and become the best poker player of all-time.

I had a "friend" once who told me that I didn't have any balls. My wife suggested that I send him a photo of them in the mail, which would have been a funny response, I think. For some reason, Hellmuth's exchange with Chan made me think of that little episode from my own life.

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