Wednesday, January 11, 2006


2 Cool New Gambling Poker Blogs

I got a really nice comment yesterday from Freddy Vegas, who said some nice things about my blogging. This thrilled me more than you might think, since I've never considered myself to be the greatest poker blogger in the world. (Except in my most secret of dreams, where I am surrounded by fabulous buxom women who all want to be my lovers because of my outstanding poker blogging skills.)

Anyway, ran over to his profile to check it out, and he's got a couple of cool new blogs going on. Worth checking out:

Anyway, good luck to both Freddy Vegas and "jungle jim" with their blogs. (Maybe I should add those to my article about 558 cool poker nicknames?)

Thanks for the write up Chip.

I'll certainly add you as a link. I'm basically just getting started on this blog thing, so forgive me it it takes a day or two to figuure out.
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