Tuesday, January 10, 2006


3 Recent Phil Hellmuth News Articles

As part of my ongoing Phil Hellmuth features, I'm posting links to 3 recent news articles about Phil Hellmuth:

1- MSNBC - Phil Hellmuth has Become a Hot Commodity - All about how busy Phil Hellmuth Jr. has been since he won the National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Looks like, among other things, the Poker Brat might be promoting his own clothing line at Wal-mart. THAT's success, ladies and gentlemen.

2- Luxist - Camp Hellmuth - Luxist is all about the luxury lifestyle, and I guess there's some overlap with Cardsquad when it comes to Hellmuth's poker camp. All about how you can spend $1999 and spend a few days with the greatest no limit holdem player of all-time.

3- LA Weekly - All In With the Bad Boy of Poker - I might have posted a link to this one already, but I'm posting another one because it's such a damn fine article.

Also, not really an article about Phil Hellmuth Jr., but a personal note: I received my copy of Kill Phil the new poker tournament strategy book that elaborates on David Sklansky's all-in or fold tournament strategy chapter in Tournament Poker for Advanced Players. The book indicates that it's about how to beat any of the various "Phil's" in poker today, but naturally, Phil Hellmuth is the only "Phil" to get his photo on the cover of the book.

Reading you blog, looks good. Lots of links.

By the way, I played with Jim Mehan this summer, while qualifying though a single table sattellite at the Rio, for the WSOP. I bluffed him out of a hand too! Anyways, I wasn't that impressed with his style.. he seemed to avoid any confrontation or risk. Perhaps he wasn't drinking!

IN any event.. I'll keep checkin your site from time to time.
I've never actually gotten to play with Jim, but he's a helluva nice guy.

Thanks for your comment. I was checking out your two blogs and they're pretty sweet. Off to a good start for sure. I'll post a note asking people to check 'em out when I get around to posting today.
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