Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Fantasy Sports Live Daily Contests

Okay, this isn't poker related, except that I found a link to this site on another poker blog and the blogger was calling this "the new poker". The site is called Fantasy Sports Live, and it's basically a place where people who don't have a full season worth of time to play fantasy baseball can play for just a day in a variety of contests. This site is very cool. Basically these fantasy sports contests are like sit-and-go poker tournaments. Even the buy-in prices are similar.

So far I've placed in 2 of 3 contests, and I'm down $2, but since I got $30 as a signup bonus, I'm still up $28 total. If you're someone who likes sports and being in action, then this is something worth checking out.

Use bonus code "COWBOYS" to get free money ($30!) in your account.

Another cool thing about their site - they take PayPal!

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