Sunday, September 19, 2004


Playing Poker and Winning (For a Change)

Here's my poker report from yesterday. It's nice to be playing and winning for a change.

I've fallen completely in love with Ultimate Bet. It is now officially the preferred poker room for Poker Chip's Poker Blog. I'm going to post a full review of why I LOVE this site so much a little later today--probably after I take Mrs. Poker Chip to lunch.

Ultimate Bet

As you may have already gathered, I played poker online at Ultimate Bet yesterday. First I played a $20 + $2 SnG with 10 players, no limit holdem. Placed third place, which put me in the money and made me profitable for the day. A little later, while my twins were napping, I tried another $20 + $2 SnG there, but this one only had 6 players, and 1st and 2nd were the only places that paid. I doubled up twice in the 1st level and wound up in 2nd place for the tournament.

So I'm doing allright. Then I decided I'll play in the $50 + $5 multitable tournament last night. Was doing very well--busted three people in the first hour and had a big stack. There were 109 players and I was between 7th place and 17th place for the next hour or so. Top 20 places payed, and first prize was $1600 or so.

Then came my poker devastation for the evening. I get dealt pocket AA's. I'm in early position, so I check it around. A couple of folks call, and then another guy puts in a pretty decent sized raise--maybe 300 or so chips. It gets folded back around to me and I reraise to 700 chips. My opponent goes all-in, and I call.

He has pocket kings. Of course he gets dealt a third king on the flop and I'm busted out of the tournament in 41st place. Ever since the one big 5th place win I had earlier this year, I haven't been able to do very well in any of the multtable tournaments I've played online.

So I'd just about hung up and decided not to play anymore when my friend calls me wanting to know if I can go out. I told him sure, I'll meet you at the club in 30 minutes. Then I called my other friend, and he said he was already on his way. So I stopped at 7-11 and picked up some Vivarin and about $300 in cash from the ATM, and I was on my way.

Down at the local poker club, there was some crazy action going on. Everyone had HUGE stacks of chips. I bought in for $200, and I was short-stacked compared to just about everyone else at the table. Most of the had $400 or $500. And they were all playing really loose and aggressive. So I sat down and decided to play my best game and take a little bit of money home with me.

I had no idea how quickly a pot could get huge playing pot limit. I lost quite a bit the first couple of hours, maybe $100 or so, but I reloaded for $100 in chips.

Then things started going my way. I started making flop after flop and pulling in huge pots. By the time I left at 6am, I was up over $850. It's the most profitable winning session I've ever had. Made me feel pretty good, like I'm starting to learn how to play poker or something.

As Fast Eddie points out in The Color of Money, "Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Ultimate Bet

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