Sunday, April 03, 2005


Poker Magazines - Cardplayer - All In - Bluff - Poker Pro

You know something's big when magazines start springing up left and right like weeds. Poker has gotten big apparently. Even when I visit my local 7-11 now I see new poker magazines. I've picked up copies of most of them, but only subscribe to one of them, and that's Cardplayer magazine, which is my favorite. I probably shouldn't lump Cardplayer in with the rest of the poker magazines though, because it's a publication that's been around for quite a while.

The inaugural issue of All In magazine happened at the World Series of Poker last year. I know this because my lovely aunt picked up a copy for me while she was in Vegas. I hadn't seen it and wouldn't have known about the magazine if she hadn't brought me a copy. A one year subscription to All In magazine is $17.95. They focus on poker players, strategy, and lifestyle.

Absolute Poker

Bluff is another new poker magazine that seem slicker than the other publications. So far they've featured Kevin Nealon, Donald Trump, and James Woods on the cover, so they're definitely celebrity-biased rather than poker player biased. Compare that with All In or Cardplayer magazines, which both invariably feature actual poker players like Chris Ferguson on the cover.

I've read that in a couple of months we'll be treated to another new poker magazine called Poker Pro. Doyle Brunson will be on the cover, which is probably a pretty good way to get started. I hope the magazine is good reading. But right now, I'll continue to pick up the new magazines asa they come out at the newsstand, and keep my Cardplayer subscription current, because they're still the best poker magazine as far as I'm concerned.

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