Saturday, April 09, 2005


Bankroll Updates

I deposited an additional $200 at Full Tilt Poker, and I've almost doubled that up. I'm playing to cash out my bonus at this point. They release your deposit bonus in $20 increments as you play raked hands. It's pretty slow going to get the $20 cashed out unless you're playing fairly high limits.

I've seen a bit of a losing streak at Party Poker, but I'm still doing okay. I've been trying to learn how to play seven card stud and omaha high low there, and obviously I don't really know what I'm doing since I've lost $130 at it so far.

I haven't been playing much at Ultimate Bet or at Absolute Poker lately.

Here are the numbers:

Party Poker $473.25
Full Tilt Poker $339.40
Ultimate Bet $149.38 (I also have $14.37 in pending bonus dollars here, so I need to do some playing to release that amount.)
Absolute Poker $316.08 (And I have $180 in bonus money that I need to play in order to release too.)

I'll probably make a $50 deposit at Pokerstars today just to get back in the game over there, and I'll also probably make a deposit at Interpoker before too much longer too. (They have a silly use it or lose it deal at Interpoker, where if you don't play, then the money in your account just gradually goes away each month. I have $90 from a bonus sitting in there that I can't play with because I haven't played enough raked hands yet.)

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